Monday, August 17, 2009

Love - Sound Check

This is from about 5 years back... A 'fan' stands in on vocals for a sound-check for Love, doing the Latin-inflected 'Alone Again Or...', one of the great tracks on Love's seminal 1967 classic album 'Forever Changes'.

Love found some fame when they replaced 'the Byrds' as LA's coolest band when the Byrds embarked on an elongated world tour in 65/66. Love ruled the Sunset Strip until another group called 'the Doors' emerged. In the meantime, they managed to release 'Forever Changes', always mentioned in critic's 'greatest albums of all time' lists.

The group in the video here is made up of a younger LA combo who used to be called 'Baby Lemonade' and the strings and horns are from some Swedish musicians/fans.

'Blippy' genius, band leader, Arthur Lee never did have much time for rehearsals, so had absented himself, but here they are preparing for a worldwide tour of 'Forever Changes', after Arthur had got out of an out of an LA jail, where he had been incarcerated for 8 years on the 'three strikes' rule.

'Forever Changes' was the first album I bought when I was about 11, cos I liked the album cover... Saw them twice live in Dublin in the last few years, and will always treasure the memories. R.I.P. Arthur.

"The original band member heads are segued into a map of Africa for the cover of 'Forever Changes'".

"The original band: John Echols (lead guitar), Bryan McClean (rhythym gtr. and vocals), Ken Forssi (Bass), Arthur Lee (guitar & lead vocals), Michael Stuart (drums)."

Quite a difficult one to get down on guitar, as the lead vocal on the original is constantly merging with the counter-tenor. The song was authored by Bryan McClean, who was a Hollwood brat in his youth and joined Love when Arthur Lee was impressed by his fame as a roadie for the 'Byrds'

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