Thursday, August 6, 2009

Late night TV in Ireland (Part 3) - the answer may not exist?

Unbelievable!!! These people are completely amoral...

They are running their usual, never-ending game tonight using a word quiz, with a prominent on-screen disclaimer notifying the viewer that there is "NO GUARANTEE THE WORD EXISTS" (i.e. not a word known in the English language)?

It is the 'cross-eyed', 'envelope-munching' piece of bint Derval, she of the child-bearing hips, Jean Butler-lite look and slight 'Dort-loine' accent, presenting tonight.

The other female presenter, who appears once a week (Fiona?) seems (like Bertie Aherne) to be completely incapable of pronouncing the letter 'h' and (at times) 't' (probably cos she also is, at heart, a skanger made good) so we get constant requests to 'foind dad turd difference' in photo comparison games. "You may have 2", she usually shrieks at the viewers, "buh you need to 'foind da turd one' "...

Anyhoo, back to tonight's show, Derval looks really guilty, like she is expecting a tap on the shoulder from the fraud squad at any moment.

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