Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gilberto Gil rocks the house

This is from the late 60's. Gilberto Gil and the Mutantes do 'Domingo no Parque (Sunday in the Park)' at one of the TV festivals which were common at the time.

Gilberto Gil is now minister for culture in Brazil, but at the time was considered a dangerous subversive by the military junta. Here, he is joined by the national orchestra, and by the seminal group 'Os Mutantes' (Rita Lee, Arnaldo Baptisa and his brother Sergio Diaz).

All of these guys were viewed as radicals by the existing government and sent into exile in the turbulent times that abounded in the late 60's.  It was a great opportunity for them to improve their French and English, as Paris and London were the places to go.  At least they were not tortured, drugged, tied up and thrown into the sea from a helicopter, which was the favoured method of exiling artists or those perceived as intellectuals in neighbouring Argentina and Chile...

Rita Lee went on to become the most popular chanteuse in Brazil, and still is to this day. She shedded her links to the Mutantes decades ago, after falling out with her lover Arnaldo, who had serious drug and mental health issues. I got to see Os Mutantes in Dublin a couple of years back. Only Sergio showed up, from the original trio, but it was great nevertheless.

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