Friday, August 21, 2009

Editing Blogs

Was trying out a few Blog-Editing tools today.  After wasting a lot of time on stuff like 'Qumana', which looks good but doesn’t seem to be able to cope at all with Vista plus Blogger, I ended up using Microsoft’s ‘Windows Live Writer’, which is initially, not at all intuitive  and pretty much annoying, as you would expect from any MS product.

After spending a bit of time getting used to it, I find it OK, but rather like FrontPage from a few years back, and Office 2007 – I just don’t get why they constantly release fairly user-unfriendly products like this. Must be a pain for non-technical people who, when upgrading to a new DELL machine with enforced Vista/Office 2007, find that they then need a solid year of support to figure out how to actually use it.

Like FrontPage, it completely f*cks up any existing formatting at a code-based level, introducing styles it assumes that you want, without asking you first.

Mind you, couldn’t find anything that worked well on Debian platforms either.

Addendum (Aug 24): Wahoo! The good folks at Blogger just released a much improved WYSIWYG editing interface, so, thanks for trying MS, but I'll happily stick with the Blogger editor for now.

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