Friday, September 4, 2009

Ryan Tubridy tonight on his Late-Late debut

I get some people telling me that I am too hard on Irish celebrity people on my Blog, but the arrival of our new Late-Late host is really quite annoying...  We will probably now have to watch this Conan/Leno/Letterman wannabe every Friday night for the next 5 years at least, until advertising revs go completely down the drain and RTE goes bankrupt and then we will be left with only 'the Sunday Game', 'Nationwide' and 'the Angelus' on our primary national TV station:-(

Our esteemed leader Mr. Cowen got a fairly easy ride, in as much that they didn't do an outside broadcast where he was publicy hung upside-down 'Mussolini style' from the Montrose mast on live TV, which many would say he deserves to be; At one point, I was expecting Tubridy to question him on his favourite Maeve Binchy or Enid Blyton book.  Disappointingly, this did not happen. My guess is that the Taoiseach's reading material would not extend to much more than the Sunday World, Farmer's Journal and, of course the abridged version of the Lisbon Treaty.

I thought your one from the Corrs was fairly pleasant and engaging, and she managed to stay awake during Ryan's tough line of questioning (bonus points for her). Also, Ryan controlled himself and didn't ask her what she was doing later, so she didn't need to hurt his feelings with any 'not if you were the last man on earth' put-down.

Her appearance on the show probably allowed thousands of middle-aged bachelor farmers across the country to make crass remarks about how she could come down and 'fiddle with them anytime'. 

Bryan McFadden was proof positive that it is possible to escape from a Louis Walsh boyband with a
full head of intact, heavily-gelled hair, if not with any dignity.

Not sure who else was on; I missed a lot of the show as I was arguing with someone online at the time.

I remember Ryan's initial introduction to stardom was when he did occasional book reviews on the kid's radio show 'Poporama', which passed as entertainment when I was in short trousers.  Doubt very much if he has any relevant journalistic qualifications, except his UCD Arts degree (ahem!).

I never liked Gay Byrne with his antiquated, often right-wing attitudes but the skinny D4 nerd Tubridy seems to have a knack for really annoying people. Come back please Pat Kenny - all is forgiven. You may have been bland but there is now an even more bland sheriff in town.

"Sorry Ireland - you get what you pay for. It was either me or Gerry Ryan"


  1. Hear, hear! I'd like to ram a telephone book up his fundament.

  2. He is much better than Pat Kenny. Pleeeeease. This is after watching 3 Late Lates

  3. Yeah David,

    For some strange reason, he is growing on me, or he is growing up a bit.

    I have even found myself liking some of his morning radio shows recently.

    P. Kenny is much better in his new TV format, as he seems much more comfortable handling political/journalistic issues, rather than dribbling over the D-List celebrities which the Late-Late attracts as guests.