Monday, September 21, 2009

Whatever happened to... B.P. Fallon?

B.P. Fallon was a legend in Irish radio and media circles back in my school days. I used to listen to his Saturday night radio show religiously, where he would do very well-informed one hour documentaries on all of the greats - Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Sam Cooke are the ones that stand out for me.  I would tape them and re-listen for hours on end...

I remember once calling in as a pundit, when I was about 14, on an RTE1 radio show where the newest musical releases were being reviewed. I think Ian Dempsey hosted it and B.P. was a panellist. I was shitting myself trying not to say anything too stupid, but the Beep put me at ease when he agreed with me that Prince was the rising genius of the musical world. Think I gave a big thumbs down to Banarama and Kajagoogoo's latest singles:-(

Rather like the character in the Woody Allen movie 'Zelig', B.P. could appear anywhere at anytime, like in this clip where he has hair and bangs a tambourine on John Lennon's Top of the Pops version of Instant Karma:
BP with John Lennon

B.P. went on to work as a publicist with Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Boomtown Rats and various other people. In the Zeppelin bio book 'Hammer of the Gods', it is pretty apparent that Led Zep's thuggish, scumbag drummer John Bonham hated Beep and was close to doing serious violence to him on several occasions.

Anyhoo, I actually met the Beep a few years back. It was back in the day when there was an all night predominately gay club called 'Shaft' in Ely Place, where everybody who hated Leeson Street,and thought they were cool, would go after all other places had closed at 3 in the morning.

B.P. was with an attractive young blonde girl, whom I assumed was his niece or something (ahem)! He stopped for a five minute chat and was a real gent. He spoke exactly like he did on the radio - like something out of a beatnik novel - "Hey Daddy-O, that's cool".

It seems that he is now an esteemed DJ in New York clubs. Go figure!

I think B.P. should run for president of Ireland after Mrs. McAleese's tenure is complete. He would certainly make a better run of it than that shameless piece of sh*te Aherne, who has zero chance.

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