Monday, September 21, 2009

You got to know when to hold them...

One of my few talents is online gambling, which I seem to have a knack for but do quite rarely, as it is obviously a potentially ruinous route.

Last time I plunged big was the cricket world cup in the early summer, during which I was able to do bets on the  'in the running' market, as I had been recently made unemployed and got fed up with doing the garden all day. Came out with a good  few Ks (thanks Sri Lanka and Australia!).

The other night, I got a hot tip from a 'friend', who shall remain nameless, to bet the house on Seattle to beat San Francisco in tonight's NFL. I was going to throw a few Ks at it but thankfully didn't. 

The first few games in the NFL season are normally erratic, as a large minority of the players are generally up on rape charges, spousal-abuse charges, steroid charges, dog-fighting charges or murder charges at the beginning of the season. This can tend to play on their minds a bit...

Anyhoo, San Fran won.  Might be the only game they win this season.  Hope they enjoy it!

I'll keep my coins in my man-bag until at least the 3rd game of the NFL season...

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