Monday, July 27, 2009

Late night TV in Ireland (Part 2) - Magic Moments

A follow-up to a previous post, regarding the ongoing PlayTV scam:

Feck it, can't sleep, so just flicked on the TV. Guess what? TV3 are at it again. Their stellar PlayTV production is still running the same competition that they had on 2.5 hours ago. It is a grid of 50 ladybird icons - 3 of them have 4 legs on the right hand side. All of the rest have 3 legs.

It's a 'Spot the difference' game - the prize money has gone up to 2,500 EUR (if you can find the open line?). A partially-sighted person could spot these differences - I know I did 2 hours earlier... but the shameless shit who is presenting the show is still exhorting callers to 'foind that open loine...', even though it is obvious that nobody has found the 'open line' and got through to the studio.

JG: Foind the open loine, NOW! You know 'quite literally' that you want it...
Sorry caller - it is a great, great guess, but MINGE is not the correct answer. However, please do try again...

Oh, wait - there is a countdown now of 10 'moments' and the presenter J.G. is getting really agitated and spewing bullshit like there is no tomorrow -

  • "Only 7 MOMENTS' remain for you to get through"....
    "Where is that money going?"
  • " You know what - I should have ended this game - but I'm going to stretch it for this 3 moments"
  • "Capitalise on your last 2 moments"
  • Surprise - We are at 'quite literally' the last moment. No callers yet... The 'Moment' clock has been at zero for the last five minutes. JG remains silent, as if he's at a funeral.
  • Oh - he's come back now - "do I hold on? or do I start another game, with less proize money?", he admonishes the viewers.
  • He relents, but decides that we (the viewers) need to realise that this is 'literally' the very last 'moment' and he has 'got to have a winner now', since his 'winner is overdue'.
  • Trouble now - "only 45 seconds remain - it's your choice".
  • "Why isn't the phone ringing - what else can I do? That one person is struggling to foind the open loine"
  • There only are a few moments left... It's a necessity to foind my winner... This saga is at the penultimate stage..."
  • Another '10 MOMENT' countdown. J.G. has pledged not to leave the studio until he has a winner (provided that they call within the next '8 moments'). "'Quite Literally' , the game has to end RIGHT NOW!"
  • 5 minutes later - "One solitary viewer is all I want - what's it going to be? Very last moment... Dying breath of the show..."
  • 'Moment' clock is at zero again - J.G. notes that there are just a few dying 'moments' left now, but he can't stress enough that it is the end of the show, but he just wants a winner.
  • J.G. 'knows you have the answer'. 'You will deserve every penny'. He believes that 'somebody will win before this show is over'. If so, it will be a 'huge weight off his shoulders'.
  • 20 minutes later - J.G. believes that 'somebody is going to call, but is worried because he hasn't had the answer'.
  • Another 5 minutes pass - Yet another 60-second countdown has expired. J.G. 'doesn't know what else he can do?' This is becoming surreal... I'm going to bed. Not sure how J.G. can sleep at night though...
  • Shit - yet another 10 'moment' countdown... This is when J.G.'s 'winner will be dee-soided' we are told.... He is 'literally holding his breath'.
  • Wait a second - Wahoo! - Stephen from Galway has just won the money. Don't think that J.G. was too pleased when Stephen from Galway pointed out that he had wasted 30 EUR over the past half-hour trying to get through to the non-existent open line?

Anyway - all is well that ends well - the Production staff can now go home and the cleaners can move in.



  1. So fecking true! Mind you the girls are worse in my opinion! The one on it tonight is so dim!

    They are still on the stupid crab spot the difference & probably will be all night long! I hate to think how many financial challenged people are facing huge phone bills thanks to this scam! No wonder meteor have blocked the number! At around €2 a call it works out bloody expensive!

    TV3 have nothing to do with the production - it is produced in a tiny studio in Budapest. Complaints to TV3 have been ignored - we are hoping that the broadcasting complaints commission will sort them out ASAP!

  2. Just to let you know, I am one of those that has a complaint with the BCC. It is due for hearing on September the 2nd. Hopefully they will uphold my complaint. I am amazed that the Garda fraud squad has not come knocking on TV3's door!

    I do agree with Scrapstars that Fiona, the red haired one is dim. At least Derval has been classicly trained as an actor.

    Hopefully they will be taken down soon.

    Check out their wikipedia page it is hillarious.