Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watson - the needle! (Get in the Hole Tom)

In the Hole Tom!

Thanks very, very, very much Tom Watson. The 59 year old golfing legend managed to let the British Open slip from his grasp on Sunday last, costing myself and thousands of occasional, casual gamblers millions in potential winnings.

Although he was leading after two rounds, bookmakers were still offering insane odds of 100-1 on him winning. I guess this was based on an 'ageist' assumption; Perhaps their actuaries felt that Watson would inevitably keel over, suddenly develop dementia or prostate cancer, be assasinated by a mysterious figure from a grassy knoll, or need to be wheeled around in a chair for the final two rounds.

Now, I haven't played a round of golf for a few years but I reckon I could have made a par on that 18th hole (although, I might have needed to take my drive from the ladies tee). Unfortunately, Mr.Watson left his brain on the tee and couldn't quite make it.

In the ensuing playoff, it was like watching one of the excellent Dutch football teams from recent world cups - you just know they will feck up the penalty shoot-outs.

Anyways, my main stake was 30EUR at 100-1. Had almost spent my 3,030 returns in my mind, when the old git fecked it up on the 18th. Fortunately, had a covering 'top 5 finish' bet placed also, so made a small profit in the end.

Not sure golfers are anything to be admired anyway. I seem to recall a politically-based survey of US professional golfers a few years back. All but one professed an allegiance to Bush & the Republicans. The one dissenter was 'bad boy' John Daly. Go figure...

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