Monday, July 27, 2009

Get them to the church on time

One thing I always found strange in Irish society is the obsession with weddings.

I have to admit, I've never accepted an invitation to wedding (or reception) in all my adult years - just don't get the attraction - especially if it comes from people you scarcely know and have no real empathy with. Of course, one consequence of this is missing out on the hours of free champagne and the possibilty of a good punch-up happening at any moment...

A pre-wedding, firm 'good-luck' handshake with the prospective groom or 'peck on the cheek' with the prospective bride is all I can usually manage...

Worse still is the dreaded moment when the honeymoon is over, the couple returns to earth and you get deluged with the wedding photos (especially in this digital age).

I find it difficult not to be irreverent and ask the wife questions like:-
'How did you manage to fit into that dress?'
'Wow - you've really let yourself go since the wedding'

or to the husband:
'Jayzus - I bet you're regretting this now! - I'd give it 3 months maximum...'

Anyhoo, Here are some classy photos from a typical Irish wedding. Roll your mouse over the pictures to view comments. They obviously got their styling advice from Michelle at Brown Cow:-

The groom's sister cops a sly feel as she trys to figure out if the bride's bazookas are real.

Just wait till I get you into the back of my Hiace.

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