Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great fun entirely, Ted!

You couldn't really make this up.  Bogshite, apparently-retarted  Parish Priest sobs on hearing of the (somewhat enforced) impending resignation of  the Bishop of Killaloe, Dr Willie Walsh. Perhaps they'll be coming for him next?

His accent is so muck-savage that it's hard to make out what he's saying/sobbing. but he seems to want to convey to us that the beloved bishop has been a 'saviour for the country over t'last 15 years';

And at the end - "We just love the man - he's so cut". Perhaps the good bishop is a body-builder and the reference is to his physique; either that or he was circumcised particularly well?.

Also loved his opening line in this interview which seemed to have been 'We loved Willie...'. I think that loving willy (particularly those attached to 4-16 year old boys) is what got a lot of those perverts into this situation in the first place.

Wonder also what kind of name Mrs. Doyle would guess for this creature:-
  • Fr. Girly McSqueek
  • Fr. Harry Hysterical
  • Fr. Krai Baby
  • Fr. Tony Twit
  • Fr. Big Eejit
  • Fr. Psycho Sicko
    Fr. Who's GoingToApproveMyExpensesNow
  • Fr. Billy BogShite
  • Fr. Willy Lover
  • Fr. Kiddy Fiddler
  • Fr. YoungAnus Adorer
  • Fr. Bishop Licker
  • Fr. TheyLeftTheFarmToMyBrotherSoIhadNoOtherOption

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