Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bill Cullen to cull Bishops

Following shocking revelations in the Ryan and Murphy reports, documenting instances of historical child abuse and years of cover-ups by the Irish Catholic church, TV3 have developed a unique new quality TV show, hosted by self-made millionaire used-car salesman, Bill Cullen.

Bill and his expert team (Marty Whelan,  Lorraine Keane and Brian Dowling from Big Brother 2) will interview and  critique 10 existing bishops and attempt to find one with any sense of moral decency.

The impressive prizes for the winning contestant will include:-
  • One year's free consultancy from Mr. Cullen's top PR person, to advise on ongoing damage limitation.
  • A luxury hamper from
  • An all-expenses, 2-week stay at a Phillipines orphanage.
  • A complete new wardrobe from the 2010 John Rocha 'Vatican' collection.
The 9 losers will be forced to resign from their posts immediately and will be sent to work as missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Liberia.

"I don't give a feck about your 'Pastoral Reflection'.
By the end of this, 9 of yiz are out of here."

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