Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 - Top 5 good and bad sh*t list

Well, as the year is almost ended, here is a list of my perks and peeves:-

Bad Sh*t:

  1. Getting made redundant for the first time in my life in May 2009.
  2. Trying to deal with truely ignorant pen-pushing public servants in the dole office who ask questions like "are you really doing anything to find a job?", even though I didn't apply for benefit for 4 months (out of some stupid sense of optimism and pride) and have 15 years worth of continuous PRSI stamps. I haven't claimed or received  a cent from the state yet. Think that early 2010 will see me visiting those scumf*cks with a solicitor by my side. I spent a couple of years in the public service after Uni, so know exactly how ignorant some of the 'servants of the state' can be. Hope in 2010 that they get massacred (guards and nurses aside) and that the Senate gets abolished.
  3. Jedward (need I say any more) and the fact that nobody has tried to assasinate Louis Walsh yet. Surely some religious fanatic or republican extremist can help with this? Also, the return of of talentless, gurning midget Robbie Williams to the world we call pop, although it looks like he's pretty much finished now. 
  4. Joe Duffy's 'Funny Friday' radio show.  Is there any worse example of Licence-Payers' money being completely washed down the toilet?
  5. Channel-flicking on the TV and constantly coming across 'Play TV', '2 Pints of Lager...', 'Top Gear' or any of those heavily scripted Panel Shows like 'Qi' or 'The Panel'

    Good Sh*t:
    1. Judicious and successful online gambling; Also, adult Japanese porn - keeps getting better and better - especially the stuff they do live on metro trains!
    2. Getting to see P-Funk live (George Clinton - you are the man and always will be!).
    3. All 5 seasons of 'The Wire' shown on the BBC. Was great, as my multi-region DVD player had packed up at the time.
    4. Irish Catholic Bishops resigning in droves. How my heart wept!
    5. The respective demises of Michael Jackson and Jade Goody. Again, my heart was broken. "Good for you!"

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