Thursday, October 1, 2009

TV3 - PlayTV. An unhappy caller

Someone mailed me on this earlier.

The lovely slag Fiona was presenting on PlayTV tonight with one of their usual completely unsolvable quiz games where you have to count the number of cats left on a bus after a series of improbable incidents occur during a trip...

"Am i live on air?

"Yes you are caller, what's your answer?"

"The answer is you're a thieving b*tch and i don't know how you sleep at night"

Classic! hope someone will UTube it as I missed it... Apparently, they gave away about 200 EUR tonight, even though they were promising 15,000 at one point for a resolution of the one quiz game they played all night. Unf*ckingbelievable.

Think that the other presenter J.G. got done recently in a similar manner when a caller gave the answer as 'This is a total scam'.

J.G., to his credit just replied with a robotic 'Sorry caller, that's not the right answer, but please do try again'. Kudos for his quick thinking on that one!

Bring on the imsomniac merry pranksters!

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