Monday, February 8, 2010

International worst websites of all time

Wow - just caught this off Popbitch - this website takes some beating...

From the 'Jackson Pollock going blind on LSD' background image to the frankly weird variety of offerings available from Yvette's boutique:-
  • Bridal Fashions
  • Tuxedos
  • Pink Lights
  • Oil- painted portraits
  • Gloves and Garters
  • Prom Gowns
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Olde Worlde Fashion Sugar Cookies
Best thing is that Yvettes' does LAYAWAY !!  I never quite understood the context of that word until Chris Rock did a piece on it in one of his routines. Think it basically means that you can pay for the product in installments, before collecting it.  The 'never-never' as they would have called it in my granny's day (when a majority of women probably wore Gloves & Garters on special occasions!).

Another aspect of the site is the fact that they have gone to the trouble of adding poorly-translated greetings in several languages - French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian and (some form of) Chinese.

Can understand the use of Spanish and Korean, given the ethnic diversity in the US, but can't really see many Japanese, Chinese, Russian or (in particular) French people popping over to Florida to purchase a wedding dress, just to get a free garter...

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